September 12, 2013
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Oral Surgery Glenview, IL

Oral Surgery Today

As a Glenview dentist, I often meet with patients who have problems that require oral surgery to resolve. While the word “surgery” can invoke fear, modern technology allows most of these procedures to be done safely in our Glenview oral surgery clinic.  We offer our patients conscious sedation or IV Oral Surgery Glenview, ILsedation to allow for a more comfortable surgical experience.

There are many types of oral surgeries routinely performed today, and dental specialists known as oral and maxillofacial surgeons do most of the surgeries.

Tooth extractions are a common form of oral surgery, and are needed for many reasons, such as:

  • Impacted wisdom teeth
  • Irreparable damage to the tooth due to decay or trauma
  • Preparation for orthodontic work

Another common Glenview oral surgery is the placing of dental implants. This increasingly popular procedure involves surgically implanting anchors that will later attach to artificial teeth, or crowns.  Our patients have been very happy with the results of their dental implant surgeries and its quick recovery time.

Problems with the jaw sometimes require a Glenview oral surgeon. The most common type of jaw surgery performed today is related to problems with the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Other jaw surgeries are done to correct severe bite misalignments, disproportionate jaw position, and issues from a traumatic injury. Many patients have been referred to our oral surgeon in Glenview, IL to address these and other issues with the jaw.

Glenview oral surgery may also be performed to treat various types of oral cancers, including cancer of the throat, tongue, lips or palate. As a Glenview, IL dentist I’m very fortunate to have an oral and maxillofacial surgeon on staff who can perform such life-saving, precision surgeries.