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By Family Dental Center
August 14, 2017
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When your smile needs a little improvement, bonding and reshaping offer a simple, low-cost solution. Your Glenview, IL, dentists at Family dental bonding, dental reshapingDental explain how dental bonding and reshaping works and discuss several ways you can benefit from the service.

What is dental bonding and reshaping?

Small amounts of tooth enamel are removed during the reshaping part of the bonding and reshaping process. Removing enamel can change the shape or length of teeth and also correct small imperfections. During the bonding portion, a flexible composite resin is added to the teeth to repair damage or improve appearance. The material is cured with a hardening light, then polished in our Glenview office.

When are bonding and reshaping used?

Dental bonding and reshaping is an excellent option if you have:

  • Chips and Cracks: Even small chips at the bottom of teeth can affect your appearance. If the chipped surface is rough, your tooth may also cut your tongue or lips. Eliminating annoying chips and small cracks are easy with bonding and reshaping.
  • Shape Issues: If a few of your teeth are pointed or look a little crooked or uneven, you may be a good candidate for bonding and reshaping. Bonding can also add length to teeth that are a little too short.
  • Overlapping Edges: Overlapping tooth edges affect your appearance and also trap plaque, the sticky bacterial film that causes cavities. When the edges are removed, you'll be happier with your smile and will also reduce your tooth decay risk.
  • Discolorations: Teeth whitening isn't an option if your tooth is darker due to a stain deep inside it. Applying bonding material to a discolored tooth helps it blend in with your smile.
  • Bite Problems: Orthodontic treatment may be the only option for severe bite issues, but contouring and reshaping offers a simpler solution for mild bite issues.
  • Gaps Between Teeth: Adding a little bonding material to your teeth closes up slight gaps.

Would you like to improve your smile with dental bonding and reshaping? Call Family Dental in Glenview, IL at (847) 998-1281 to schedule an appointment.

By Family Dental Center
August 22, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
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Your teeth are an integral part of your oral health as well as your digestive system—they must be preserved, protected and maintained dental bondingwith regularity. Some patients who are in need of dental help are curious about quicker and more affordable alternatives to common restorative treatments like crowns. Dental bonding is one solution that a dentist might recommend if you have a damaged tooth. Discover the various ways that a dentist at Glenview Family Dental in Glenview, IL can use dental bonding to improve your smile.

What Is Dental Bonding?
Dentists can use a material called composite resin to fill in, shape and contour the appearance of the teeth. This treatment is called dental bonding, and it is popular in dental offices across the country. The material is applied to the surface of the teeth then hardened with a curing light. At that point, the dentist can shape it as needed. A similar bonding method is also used when filling in cavities.

Uses of Bonding
You may find that this treatment is the best solution for your dental concern at this time. Here are a few of the most common uses for dental bonding:

  • Cover and protect cracked teeth.
  • Restore a tooth that has chipped at the corner.
  • Make a small tooth larger to fill in a gap.
  • Cover a cavity that’s just been cleaned.

How Long Does Dental Bonding Work Last?
After a dental bonding treatment by your Glenview, IL dentist, you can reasonably expect the results to last for up to 10 years. The better you care for your smile, the longer the bonding treatment will last. This is welcome news for patients who need an affordable solution to common cosmetic and general dental issues. After that period of time, your dentist can either repeat the treatment or explore other options with you, like porcelain veneers or crowns. 

Start the “Bonding” Process Today
The appointment for a bonding treatment is relatively quick and simple compared to other types of dental work. Set up a visit with Glenview Family Dental in Glenview, IL today by calling (847) 998-1281.