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Do I Need Jaw Correction Surgery?

The jaw is important to oral health. With an improper bite, good health can suffer. Corrective jaw surgery can help patients to improve jaw correction surgerytheir exterior appearance and to use their jaw more effectively. Oral surgery from the dentists at Family Dental in Glenview, IL, may be the answer.

About Jaw Correction Surgery

For individuals who get chronic headaches or ear pain, have trouble chewing or swallowing food or spaces between the teeth when the mouth is closed, jaw correction surgery may be recommended. Also known as orthognathic, this Glenview oral surgery procedure is used in order to correct both minor and major dental problems or irregularities. It mostly is used to correct function issues relating to speaking, chewing or breathing.

Dr. Cullinan’s approach to jaw surgery will depend on each individual and their needs. For lower jaw surgery, the rear portion of the jaw is separated from the front portion. This is where the teeth actually support and allow for the lower portion of the jaw to move forward and backward. An oral surgeon uses screws or plates to reposition the bone. Oftentimes with this oral surgery, the teeth will need to be wired for up to 6-7 weeks.

With upper jaw surgery, the two parts are separated so that the tooth-bearing part of the jaw can move freely. Much like lower jaw surgery, screws and plates are used in order to fasten the jaw into its new position. Some patients may even need some bone added or removed. This surgery type will use a bite guide so that bite alignment is restored after surgery.

To learn more about oral surgery from Family Dental in Glenview, IL, such as jaw correction surgery, schedule an informative consultation today by calling 847-998-1281 today.