How Expert Oral Care Can Re-Align Your Jaw

How Expert Oral Care Can Re-Align Your Jaw

Do you have a chin that sticks out too far, teeth that open up too much when you smile, or jaws that are so misaligned that you hardly want to smile at all? If you have maxillofacial problems like these, you're not alone, as many Americans today need Jaw Correctionoral surgery to correct the disproportionate asymmetries in their oral structures.

But at Family Dental Center, you can find full relief from whatever oral issues you might have, as Sean W. Cullinan, DMD, and his staff of helpful dental specialists make it their goal to correct whatever's ailing your mouth! One of the most frustrating dental problems Dr. Cullinan and his crew see in patients today involves the need for jaw placement correction. It is expertly handled at our practice, using tried and tested oral surgeries which boast an extremely high success rate.

The problem in many patients with poor jaw structure is that their jaws failed to grow at the same rate. Perhaps one side of their jaw grew slightly larger than the other, or the alignment was off from the other bone structures surrounding the mouth. While jaws that are poorly aligned can ruin a person's confidence in their smile, they can also lead to functional issues in the mouth. These involve the teeth as well as soft structures like the tongue, lips, and gums. 

But correcting jaw deformities doesn't necessarily require just oral surgery. Oftentimes, tiny wires or small rubber bands are placed in your mouth after surgery to keep your jaws stable, or small screws or plates are fastened to your jaws to promote greater range-of-motion.

Also, orthodontic appliances like braces can help fix minor instances of misaligned jaws by providing their own safe and effective solution. These devices use subtle jaw correction over time, until they have reached the desired position.

For more information on jaw correction in the Glenview, IL, area, give Dr. Cullinan or one of his trusted oral specialists a call today at (847) 998-1281 for the lasting relief every mouth deserves!


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