What Type of Oral Surgery Could I Need?

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What Type of Oral Surgery Could I Need?

How oral surgery from Glenview could help you

Oral surgery can save you from tooth pain and benefit your smile. Modern oral surgery techniques and technology can make your oral surgeryappointment more comfortable than ever before. You will benefit from the latest anesthesia and sedation methods to provide you with a worry-free, pain-free appointment. Your dentists at Family Dental in Glenview, IL want to share some of the types of oral surgery you might need.

1. You may need your wisdom teeth (3rd molars) extracted because:

  • They are fully impacted in bone and will never erupt and cysts can form around these fully impacted teeth, causing bone destruction.
  • They erupt but you don’t have room for them. These teeth can cause crowding and decay because you can’t clean them properly.

2. You may need to have other teeth extracted because they are:

  • Severely damaged or decayed and can’t be restored or healed with a root canal; these teeth can compromise or infect the teeth around them.
  • Periodontally-involved and have lost so much bone they are no longer functional or stable.
  • You may also need tooth extractions for orthodontic treatment because you don’t have enough space for the teeth and keeping the teeth will compromise your straight smile.

3. You will need oral surgery if you want dental implants. The implants are placed in your jawbone through a simple, in-office procedure. During the healing period, your bone will fuse around the implant, locking it in place.

4. Oral surgery can also correct jaw alignment issues, or reconstruct your mouth or jaws after an accident or injury.

5. Oral surgery techniques are also used on soft tissue for a soft tissue biopsy. If your dentists in Glenview find a bump, lesion or other abnormalities, they can take a sample of the tissue to check for oral cancer. Early detection of oral cancer is critical to having a better treatment outcome.

These are just a few of the types of oral surgery you could need during your lifetime. Oral surgery can help with the function, health and beauty of your smile, and it can also save your life! To find out more about types of oral surgery procedures, call your dentists at Family Dental in Glenview, IL. Call today!