IMTEC Mini Dental Implant

What are Mini Dental Implants?

The Mini Dental Implant System consists of a miniture titanium implant that acts like the root of your tooth and a retaining fixture that is incorporated into the base of your denture. The head of the implant is shaped like a ball, and the retaining fixture acts like a socket that contains a rubber O-ring. The O-ring snaps over the ball when the denture is seated and holds the denture at a predetermined level of force. When seated, the denture gently rests on the gum tissue. The implant fixtures allow for micro-mobility while withstanding natural lifting forces.


IMTEC Mini Dental Implant

How does Mini Dental Implant technology broaden my options?

Dental Implant therapy has been one of the most significant advances in dentistry in the past 25 years. Tens of thousands of grateful patiens bear witness to the benefits derived from the oppertunity to obtain a replacement for lost teeth that restores their smiles and confidence. Several different types of implants and restorations are avaliable. The choice depends upon the amount of bone avaliable, the patient's general health and restoration preference.

IMTEC Mini Dental Implant

The computer and medical worlds are both working hard to develop smaller and smaller components. In similar fashion, a smaller version of the dental implant has been successfully utilized in selected cases. These mini dental implants (1.8mm in diameter) enable us to broaden the spectrum. The Mini Dental Implant System was developed in order to provide greater denture stability. MDI's are For those who do not have enough bone to allow for full sized implants to be placed for conventional implant surgery, or are in on-going therapy from one prosthetic denture system to another.

How are Mini Dental Implants placed?

Placement of the implants is accomplished quickly and easily in a process performed in our office, with local anesthesia or a light sedation to help make you more comfortable. Using a precise, controlled, minimally invasive surgical technique, Mini Dental Implants are placed into the jawbone. The heads of the implants protrude from the gum tissue and provide a strong, solid foundation for securing your dentures. It is a one-step procedure that involved minimally invasive surgery, no sutures nor the typical months of healing.

What's a typical daily routine one might expect once the MDI's have been placed?

As with all dental applications, there is a short adjustment period when the MDI patient becomes comfortable placing and removing the denture. Typically, this involves removal of the lower denture in the morning, brushing the gums and implant area, rinsing the denture itself, then replacing it. The result is a normal day's activity for the patient including eating, talking, taking a nap, etc. Then, in the evening, the denture is usually removed again, cleaned, and the mouth is thoroughly rinsed. The MDI patient then opts to sleep with, or without his or her denture. The result is a fully functioning dental appliance that works, is socially acceptable, and has a comfortable fit.

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